Med-Trade UK Limited was set-up on the 6th June 2003 in London. The company imports a selection of pure and natural foods and aims to provide customers with high quality goods at a competitive price.

Med-Trade UK Limited is the sole distributor of Alasia branded products. The Alasia brand name means that our customers can easily recognise our goods and associate high quality products with this name. The Alasia brand name on a product means that the product is safe to consume and that it complies with all the regulations. Over time we hope to build in this high quality image and reputation for high standards.

Med-Trade operates as a distributor in Great Britain providing a service to wholesalers and retailers alike. Our customers expect excellent service and timely delivery. They consider taste, appearance and delivery when they make their choice. We are confident in our standard of service and always aim to put the needs of our customers and the needs of the consumer above all else.

What we do

Beekeper Honey

Professional beekeepers take agreat care of the farm and monitor all processes to gather honey in time.

Bee Garden

We have built a tru cosy garden where our hard working bees produce all sorts of local honey and nectars.

Bee Products

Our products are 100% organic, produced on a farm with natural ingredients addition only. Sweet & delicious.

Meet the team